How to Stay Safe on Horseback

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Horseback riding is so much fun, but you always have to think about safety before you ride. In this article, you will learn the safety of horseback riding. Also, many beginners get scared their first time riding, so safety is an important thing to know, so that they can feel better, and know that they are safe.


  1. First, you have to think about a horse to ride. You should have a very calm, and easy horse your first time riding. You have to tell your instructor or trail boss your riding level before you ride, so they know what horse to put you on. Riding a horse that is to hard for you is unsafe, so make sure you tell them your riding level.
  2. Second, you have to think about your helmet. Do you have one? Do you need to buy one? Does your barn provide one? Make sure you contact the barn and ask them if they provide a helmet. If you are under eighteen years old, it is illegal to ride without a helmet. If you are eighteen years old or over, it is a great idea to ride with a helmet. You could die from a head injury or brain damage, and many barns make you wear one.
  3. Remember, your stirrups are your seat belt! They keep you in the saddle. Heels down toes up! You have to put your heels down toes up every time you ride! Put weight into your stirrups, not on your bottom. This is proper position, and the safe way to ride.


  • Read horse books before your first lesson!!!
  • A good thing to know, is when the horse puts its ears back it is angry, scared, or in pain. Try to make your horse feel better, in any way you can.
  • Have fun! Stay calm. Relax!

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